"Prima ancora che il diritto a emigrare, va riaffermato il diritto a non emigrare, cioè a essere in condizione di rimanere nella propria terra". Benedetto XVI

venerdì 9 settembre 2022

A challenging proposal to mister Gerard Sina

Dear Mr. Sina,

since 2007 our association has operated in the historically marginalised community of Kibali, ( aka Batwa for the muzungu), building an house for all the families residing there, for a total amount of 47 houses (click here).

 During the following years over eight hectares of land have been terraced, and that the civil authorities have made them available to that community (click here).

We have also supported the cultivation of those lands, in an alternation of encouraging results and frustrating disappointments, despite a certain commitment of the members of the community.

Overall, we are witnessing a conspicuous heritage of agricultural land not fully exploited by that community that could draw an important source of livelihood from those same land.

Faced with this bleak state of affairs, mindful of her personal history, which from a difficult childhood has been able to rise to a successful entrepreneur not only on a national level, we would like to launch a challenging proposal.

Propose to the civil authorities to take over the management of those lands, enhancing them, as you know how to do, and sharing the fruits, according to modalities to be defined, with the members of that community.

Community that can also be involved in the agricultural activities that are intended to be implemented there, undertaking a training course for the members of the cooperative, already active in the past in agricultural work, under the guidance of its technicians.

This could be a replicable pilot project in similar realities.

A project that would have a return for all the protagonists:

 for his Group, the confirmation of attention to the social reality in which it operates, with undoubted returns in terms of image;

or the civil authorities, a concrete answer to the request for support that communities like that of Kibali ask for; 

for the families of the community, a real response to their daily needs, not separated from a possible beginning of a path of redemption that frees them from the difficult situation in which they live.

We’re talking about a “win win project”!

As you can see, everyone could be the winner of this challenge, only if you take it up, as you have been able to do many other times in your life, starting from the distant times when you were a child in Kigali and you found someone who offered an opportunity.

With deep esteem and admiration.

Kwizera  Association


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