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venerdì 20 ottobre 2023

A project for the Mattei Plan for Africa

Paul Kagame - Giorgia Meloni
To the Prime Minister, Hon. Giorgia Meloni

and  Cc  HE Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda 

 the announcement of a Mattei Plan for Africa, which should see Italy engaged in a partnership of  equals with African countries, has fueled many hopes regarding the launch of a new approach to Africa, after years in which the continent was seen and perceived as a mere starting point for migratory flows. The fact that the contents are not yet known can only leave prejudicial critics perplexed, certainly not the world of volunteering operating in Africa which knows well the difficulties encountered in implementing even the smallest of projects which are actually very distant from the ours by culture, habits and governance. However, the recent allocation of three billion euros, from the climate fund, has in fact set in motion the process of launching the Plan, awaiting its formalization postponed to the beginning of 2024. Precisely taking inspiration from the aforementioned allocation, which has aroused criticism from environmentalists in actual permanent service, drives the proposal we are going to formulate.

 Mr President, would you consider the possibility of including in the  Mattei Plan the construction of one of the first waste-to-energy plants being planned in Africa, more specifically in Rwanda, where the government intends to build one for the city of Kigali. By making use of Italian operators active in the sector, starting with Eni already present in the country with agreements also on waste management, the project could be supported, also in project finance mode. A project that could be configured as a pilot project for the whole of Africa. In fact, it would make it possible to achieve two fundamental objectives: promoting access to electricity, from which unfortunately a large part of the African population is still excluded, and achieving correct waste management in the many megacities that are coming to life in Africa, as a result of an accentuated urbanization process.

 The typology of the project, which is characterized as functional to respecting the environment, and its almost immediate feasibility could be an excellent starting point for the Mattei Plan. The choice of Rwanda should prove successful in light of your recent meeting with President Paul Kagame, but above all because we are in the presence of a country with all the basic requirements, suitable for the establishment of a winning partnership. In fact, Rwanda is characterized by security, an environment conducive to doing business, a culture open to innovation, a consolidated international image and a good standing with global financial institutions regarding the correct use of aid. In light of what has been illustrated, the project, due to its limited financial commitment and the significant impact it could have on a communication and image level, could well lend itself to being a sort of starting point for the take-off of the Mattei Plan.  

 In wishing you good work, we send you our warmest regards.

 Associazione Kwizera odv 

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